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Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe – Their medicinal and anti-ageing effects

Friday 16th December 2022

Throughout winter we are surrounded by reminders of particular plants that are associated with this season.  Aside from looking pretty on Christmas cards, holly, ivy and mistletoe can be used medicinally to great effect and […]

Our Bodies: The Holistic Impact of Kindness

Tuesday 01st February 2022

Last week, we focused our thoughts on the impact kindness has on the mind. In conjunction with this, I wanted to shift my attention to the impact that being kind can have on our bodies.  […]

Address your Stress to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue

Thursday 04th November 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Do you find yourself waking up with little energy?  Are you lacking vitality and a lust for life? Have you recently been through or are you currently experiencing a period of […]