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Address your Stress to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue

Thursday 04th November 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Do you find yourself waking up with little energy?  Are you lacking vitality and a lust for life? Have you recently been through or are you currently experiencing a period of […]

Strictly Brain Health; “Use it or lose it!”

Thursday 16th September 2021

We all know that doing brain-training exercises such as Sudoku increases our grey matter, but it turns out that you can get an additional brain boost by donning your best-sequined frock and dance shoes and […]


Friday 13th August 2021

The topic of forgiveness is often overlooked – especially when it comes to our health.  After all, how could forgiveness of ourselves or others possibly have an impact upon us physically?  Could unforgiveness accelerate biological […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): What it is and how to treat it naturally

Friday 19th February 2021

Each winter season about 10% of us experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It can be a seriously debilitating condition and can manifest a range of symptoms – including severe depression – as such it should […]

Avoiding social isolation in older adults over the holidays

Monday 09th December 2019

Although holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and togetherness, they can have a negative impact on older adults who run a high risk of being socially isolated. Social isolation, although easily overlooked […]