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Anti-ageing juicing

If I had to tease out one element of my lifestyle that I believe is exceptionally helpful I would have to say juicing. When we make juice from fresh organic vegetables we flood every cell with cleansing, detoxifying nutrients. In fact, when you drink a fresh organic juice you can feel the change it makes in your body very quickly. You become incredibly energetic, you look younger, you lose weight, aches and pains seem to just disappear, hormones seem to magically rebalance themselves and skin dramatically improves. Again, on a personal note, I have noticed facial lines simply disappearing.

I appreciate that what I’m sharing with you is based on personal experience, however there is research in this field. In fact, a study that came out a couple of years ago showed that people on a high beta-carotene content diet (carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, apricots, red and orange peppers, – and any other orange coloured fruits and veggies) actually looked healthier and more attractive to observers in the study within about two weeks of starting the program.

Juicing is definitely worth trying: all freshly made fruit and veggie juice will result in a younger, healthier you, however if you can commit to adding fresh juices to your daily diet for 30 days you will notice a profound difference in your energy levels, health and well-being.

Here are just a few of my favourite juice recipes. With summer approaching, why not freeze your juices and make them into delicious, refreshing ice lollies and popsicles?

Green Beauty (this is a basic juice, it is exceptionally cleansing and surprisingly tasty)

  • one cucumber
  • two sticks celery
  • handful of kale

Green Ginger “Ale”  (too delicious for words!)

  • one cucumber
  • two sticks of celery
  • one apple (a green tart apple is best)
  • 2 cm knob ginger
  • half a lime

Red Devil (pretty AND ultra-healthy!)

  • one raw beetroot
  • two raw carrots
  • half a lemon
  • piece of ginger

Parsley Woo Hoo! (Never drink this one later at night – it’ll keep you awake with ridiculously high levels of energy – in a really good way! You have been warned!)

  • a large handful of parsley
  • one tart apple
  • two carrots
  • one stick of celery

Important Tips:

  • With all of these juices please make sure that you are using organic produce as the process of juicing really concentrates the foods, so while you’re getting massive nutrients, any toxins present in fruits and veggies used would also be concentrated.
  • Drink your juice immediately – it is essential to do this to preserve the nutrient value of produce. For example, vitamins C only has a “half life” of 20 minutes – so if you leave your juice standing around for 20 minutes, the vitamin C content will be all but gone.

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Lorna Veale
Lorna Veale
6 months ago

Sounds fab. I love green juice and these sound great.
Some questions!
Are you saying the ones you can buy are really no good as they’ll have been sitting on a shelf in a fridge?
Are these juices as opposed to smoothies?
I don’t have a juicer but do have a food processor that would zap everything.

If you need a juicer do you have any recommendations?
Thank you!!

Jayney Goddard
4 months ago
Reply to  Lorna Veale

Hi Lorna, My apologies for taking a while to respond – I was on annual leave and then at a wonderful conference – the National Health Association conference in Cleveland, Ohio – it was fab – do check it out as their site has lots of info about the amazing talks :). Off the shelf juices many well have reduced nutrient content as you simply don’t know how long they have been sitting around. Also I find that many of them are high in fruit content – Now, remember that whole fruit is fabulously healthy for most of us –… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Jayney Goddard
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