The Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia Risk: A Natural Health Perspective

Friday 01st December 2023

Recent research conducted by the University of California San Diego and Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute has illuminated the connection between dementia and hearing loss. In this article we will look at the results […]

Weathering Winter: A Survival Guide

Friday 24th November 2023

Whilst winter is delightful in places it is also accompanied by a cocktail of challenges. This is particularly applicable within the region of the Northern Hemisphere! Said challenges may come in both physical and emotional […]

Navigating the 3 AM Mind: Natural and Sustainable Strategies for Overcoming Night-time Anxiety

Friday 17th November 2023

Today I wanted to take a deep dive into a specific aspect of night-time anxiety: the dreaded 3 AM wake-up. Many of us have experienced it, myself included – it’s where we wake up in […]

Why Am I Getting Hayfever in Autumn?

Thursday 09th November 2023

In this blog I wanted to let you know that you are not alone if you suddenly find that you are getting hayfever-like symptoms in autumn.  Whereas most seasonal allergies are usually associated with the […]

Energizing Naturally – A Deep Dive into Holistic Vitality Boosters

Thursday 02nd November 2023

Revitalizing oneself is an intricate dance between the mind, body, and soul. While the allure of a caffeine fix is ever-present, there’s a world of natural, sustainable methods awaiting discovery. Let’s embark on a journey […]