Jayney in the News

Jayney is a regular contributor to all forms of media and she has many more exciting projects due out soon. Below, you’ll find just a brief selection from her vast body of media work.

Jayney is a regular contributor to all forms of media and she has many more exciting projects due out soon. Below, you’ll find just a brief selection from her vast body of media work.

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Complementary & Alternative Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works – Published by Collins
The Survivor’s Guide to Bird Flu: The Complementary Medical Approach – Published by CMA Publishing UK
The Survivor’s Guide to Swine Flu: The Complementary Medical Approach – Published by CMA Publishing UK



The Wright Stuff (Expert and Live Phone-ins)
Call Dr Jane – Tyne Tees (Expert and Live Phone-ins)
Channel 4 News
BBC1 (News)
BBC News 24
Discovery Channel (Complementary Medicine Expert)
Granada (Lifestyle programmes)
Meridian (News)
Five (News)
Wellbeing Channel (Presenter/Expert/Producer)
Bloody Brilliant Life (Sky)(Presenter/Expert/Producer)



BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 5 Live
LBC – Live phone-in clinic
Passion for The Planet Radio
BBC World Service
BBC Bristol
BBC Three Counties
BBC Radio 1 Belfast
BBC Radio Scotland
NAVEL (USA Phone-in Show)



Times (Saturday) Body and Soul
Natural Health Magazine Expert panelist – Natural Health calls Jayney “The UK’s Top Holistic Youth Guru”
You Magazine (Daily Mail)
The Daily Express “Ask the Expert” columnist
The Sunday Times
Top Santé CM expert panel & “Ask the Expert” columnist
Mens Health Columnist
The Independent
The Mirror
The Daily Mail
The Sunday Mirror
Marie Claire
Womens Own
OK Magazine
Good Housekeeping
Our Baby
Positive Health
Mother and Baby
Good Health
Best Magazine
ROSPA Magazine
Health & Beauty Salon
Reveal Magazine
Star Magazine “Ask the Expert” columnist



Discovery Health – Complementary Medical Expert and Discovery’s complementary medicine content provider
Discovery Health – Podcast and editorial as Complementary Medicines expert for Discovery’s Pregnancy and Childbirth site
Discovery Europe – Agony Aunt to Troubled Teens
CMA Web site – Director of content (over 4600 pages of top quality, referenced information)
Wellbeing.com – Commissioned by Granada Media to write all the complementary medical content for the Wellbeing web site.



Royal Society of Medicine: Fellow
Health Food Manufacturers: Association (HFMA) Advisory Board Member
Guild of Health Writers: Full Member
Integrated Healthcare Symposium (USA): Founding Contributor & Advisory Board Member
Royal Society for Public Health: Fellow


Speaking Engagements and Consultancies Past and Present

University of Miami Medical School: Lecturer to the University’s Medical Faculty and Students (Under Grad. and Post Grad.)
USA Whitehouse Investigative Committee on Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Consultant
Cambridge University: Lecturer to Cambridge’s Medical Students and Inaugural Speaker at the Aescalepion Society’s Lecture Series
Homeopathic Medical Association: Consultant and advisor
International Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Expo (New York): Keynote Speaker and Faculty Member, Advisory Board Member
camexpo” UK: Advisory Board Member and Consultant
UK Parliament: CM expert and consultant
Boots PLC: CM expert/advisor and media liaison
Granada/Boots joint venture: CM expert and consultant. CAM Content provider to “Wellbeing” interactive web site
Motor Neurone Disease Association: Speaker and CM expert
College of Complementary and Naturopathic Medicine: Speaker and CM advisor
CAMExpo USA: Speaker at both the New York and LA conferences


Conferences and Workshops

Scientific Research in Homeopathy: This conferences – a series of ongoing events are held at The University of Westminster and are a resounding success
Developing YOUR Professional Practice: This workshop is an ongoing series and had met with enormously positive response from delegates
Expert Public Speaking to Get More Clients: An immensely successful workshop – as with “Developing YOUR Professional Practice, this workshop has been proven to work.
Younger By The Day™: Jayney set this conference up to explore and address ways in which we can reverse the biological markers of ageing – utilising natural healthcare techniques – including diet, exercise, mind/body approaches, herbal medicine, energy medicine – including medical qi gong and a range of ancient medical approaches such as ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Younger By The Day™ is the antidote to the ‘nip/tuck’ approach to cosmetic anti-ageing procedures. Younger By The Day™ features a globally respected line-up of the world’s leading natural anti-ageing experts.
Press & PR to Build Your Business
Broadcast Media Training – TV, Radio and Online Broadcast media training for small business owners
Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation – How to build and Optimise a website that actually works
E-Newsletters to Build Your Business



Due to her work with the Complementary Medical Association, Jayney has an unsurpassed knowledge of all types of complementary medicine and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts. In addition, Jayney has a vast knowledge of the research base supporting complementary medicine and natural healthcare and has written and edited three encyclopaedias on the subject including Complementary Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works for Collins.

Jayney initially qualified as a homoeopath having studied for over 5 years at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. Uniquely among practitioners, she has an excellent knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine. Jayney’s post-graduate work involved studying under one of the world’s leading psychotherapists, Norman Vaughton, to gain her additional qualifications in psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. More recently, Jayney studied Mind/Body Medicine under Dr Herbert Benson at the Benson Henry Institute at Harvard Medical School.