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Our Bodies: The Holistic Impact of Kindness

Tuesday 01st February 2022

Last week, we focused our thoughts on the impact kindness has on the mind. In conjunction with this, I wanted to shift my attention to the impact that being kind can have on our bodies.  […]

Exercise – the best tool for impacting your biological age!

Wednesday 20th October 2021

With the wetter, colder weather starting to settle in it can be extremely tempting to neglect our regular exercise routine in place of bunking down and forgoing getting sweaty! However, today I want to stress […]

Sugar – Not so sweet for your health or your biological age…

Wednesday 13th October 2021

As the nights begin the draw in our social calendars begin to ramp up and as a result, our overall sugar consumption tends to increase also! Between Halloween, Bonfire Night and an onslaught of Christmas […]

Fat may become an important ally in the fight against obesity

Thursday 28th January 2021

It is time to stop thinking of fat as an inert substance that hangs around, jiggling away – mostly where we would rather it did not, and to reframe our thoughts somewhat – fat comes […]

A happy partner leads to a healthier future

Thursday 13th February 2020

Science now supports the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” Michigan State University research has revealed that people who are optimistic contribute to the health of their partners – this can in turn stave off the […]