RECIPE: Avocado pesto

Tuesday 08th October 2019

This is another very fast and extremely easy SOS-Free plant-based whole food, cruelty-free recipe.  ‘SOS-Free’ means that it is free of added salt, oil and sugar – thus making it much healthier than other options […]

Study Confirms Cannabis Flower Is an Effective Mid-Level Analgesic Medication for Pain

Sunday 06th October 2019

Using the largest database of real-time recordings of the effects of common and commercially available cannabis products in the United States (U.S.), researchers at The University of New Mexico (UNM) found strong evidence that cannabis […]

Study links hearing aids to lower risk of dementia, depression and falls

Friday 04th October 2019

Older adults who get a hearing aid for a newly diagnosed hearing loss have a lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia, depression or anxiety for the first time over the next three years, and […]

Mouthwash Cancels Out Key Benefits of Exercise, Study Finds

Wednesday 02nd October 2019

A new study has suggested that mouthwash could have a strange effect on how exercise affects your body. The study discovered that using mouthwash can prevent exercise from lowering your blood pressure as it normally […]

Being a pessimist or an optimist may affect your sleep

Monday 30th September 2019

Sleep deprivation is a major public health concern – around 30% of adults in the United States do not get the amount of sleep that is optimal for health, and up to 70 million people in […]