Natural Anti-Ageing Beauty “Quick-Fixes”

Thursday 12th November 2020

Are there really any foods and drinks that can really make us more ‘beautiful’ on the outside?  Do they offer any real anti-ageing strategies that are actually noticeable – or do they only benefit us […]

Health and Nature

Thursday 05th November 2020

Have you ever been awed by the beauty of a mountain or ocean?  Have you ever been excited to see a wild animal in its natural habitat?  Have you ever stopped to admire a lovely […]

Can you really make your brain “younger”?

Wednesday 28th October 2020

For many years it was erroneously believed that the human brain was hardwired like a computer and incapable of alteration once a person reached adulthood. We also believed that after the age of 40 your […]

Instant gratification – Jayney’s top quick ‘n’ easy anti-ageing tips!

Thursday 22nd October 2020

As you’ll know, I tend to talk a lot about internal strategies for biological age reversal – such as meditation, nutrition, herbs, complementary medical/natural therapy treatments and more.  Today I wanted to share my really […]

Placebos prove powerful even when people know they’re taking one

Tuesday 18th August 2020

How much of a treatment is mind over matter? It is well documented that people often feel better after taking a treatment without active ingredients simply because they believe it’s real — known as the […]