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Complementary Therapies that Boost Your Youth Quotient (YQ)

Ageing is such a complex matter – there are more theories of how we age than ever, and it seems that each month a new scientific paper is published that has discovered yet another factor that is integral to the ageing process. The problem with the conventional scientific approach though, is that researchers are looking for the one solitary element which, if it could be addressed or ‘cured’, would halt or even reverse the ageing process.  

Ageing is a Biological ‘Process’

There’s a clue though – ageing is a biological ‘process’, it is complex and dynamic, and there really is no one factor that is central to the promotion of ageing. Instead, if we consider ageing to be a biological ‘process’ then we have to think holistically – taking into account those elements that come together and cause us to grow older physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why complementary medical approaches really offer the best solutions to combat biological ageing – because the very nature of complementary medicine is holistic. 

When working with patients, complementary medical practitioners are deeply concerned with understanding the patient as a whole entity – taking into consideration mental, emotional, and physical factors, health history, life-style, and much more – so that they can arrive at a logical strategy which will address all of those issues – thus returning the patient to a balanced state of well-being.  

When we attain this balanced state of well-being or ‘homeostasis’, as it is known in complementary medicine, we begin to feel better of course. And we also begin to look better, have more energy, are more resilient to stressors – all of these improvements are now known to be linked to biological age reversal as judged by numerous biological, cognitive, physical, and cellular measurements – and this even shows up in an improvement in telomere length – those caps on the ends of our chromosomes that shorten as we age physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

How to Improve Your YQ

I coined the term Youth Quotient or YQ to describe our levels of measurable overall ‘youthfulness’ based on calculations of a variety of factors, considered together, in order to ascertain one’s biological age – as opposed to one’s chronological age. Demonstrably, those complementary medical approaches that address entire body / mind systems will work best to boost our YQ. The top three complementary medical systems that would be best suited to boosting YQ include homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and ayurveda. However it should also be borne in mind that other disciplines including nutrition, body work (massage etc.), psychotherapies, energy work (reiki etc.) all have a part to play in helping to halt and even reverse ageing.

Let’s look at why these top three approaches boost YQ:


Homeopathy is one of the most in-depth mind / body systems of medicine in existence. In order to make a prescription, the homeopath has to take in incredibly detailed case history and will look at what the underlying factors are that are causing the person’s illness. Homeopathy is outstandingly effective at addressing chronic ailments that cause enormous stress on the body – and which lead to premature ageing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM practitioners also take in-depth cases, and they rely on a number of physical diagnostic tools as well, such as measuring the six pulses in the wrists and tongue diagnosis. All of this combined leads to a profound understanding of the patient and thus accurate and effective recommendations can be made. TCM incorporates acupuncture, nutritional strategies, and herbal medicine, and it will often include massage (Tui Na) and movement therapies such as Qigong. Much of TCM literature and philosophy is concerned with preserving youthfulness and longevity, so using TCM as an age-reversing approach is logical and in keeping with a tradition of medicine that dates back thousands of years.


Ayurvedic doctors also use a multitude of approaches when treating patients – it is a thorough form of medicine that has been in existence even longer than TCM. As with TCM, practitioners will use a variety of diagnostic approaches and recommendations may be made for lifestyle changes, nutritional regimes, and more, which support one’s constitution (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha – or a combination of those). It is believed that once the unbalanced constitution is returned to balance, health will ensue. Because ayurveda is such a complete medical system, it is ideal for use as an age-reversing strategy.

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