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Exercise and Anti-ageing: Pandemic proof routines

Since the pandemic, many of us have seen a massive shift in our day to day routines. Our exercise was limited, our socialisation was reduced and the work from home initiative commenced. Even after these particular restrictions began to ease, many people defaulted to a less active lifestyle. I must emphasise that the most important thing was for each of us to find our version of comfort. It was also essential that we prioritised our mental health. As a result, I wanted to talk about how each of us can take care of our physical health. 

One of the most effective ways we can stave off age-associated problems is through exercise (as hard as it may seem sometimes). Researchers have also discovered that exercise reduces bone density and muscle loss. Conversely, British researchers have linked prolonged periods of sitting to a greater likelihood of disease. 

Our bodies were made to move and they are perfectly adapted for activity. Strong evidence suggests that this plays a vital role in reducing and sometimes reversing the diseases associated with older age. These diseases include heart and vascular, type 2 diabetes, cancers, dementia, neurological disease, and more. 

Exercise and Ageing – the Hormonal Perspective:

As you approach your 30s, your levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) begin to drop off quite dramatically, triggering ‘Somatopause’. This phenomenon drives your ageing process. However, exercise and movement optimise the production of growth hormones. The longer you can keep your body producing higher levels of HGH, the longer you will experience robust health and strength. 

Anti-Ageing Exercises:

There are multiple facets to health, it is also important to note that doing everything right – meditating, de-stressing, and eating the right foods without exercise – is like clapping with one hand. Therefore, you must find a set of enjoyable exercises, that are right for your body and lifestyle. 

Research suggests many amazing effects of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Firstly, HIIT is an excellent way of increasing HGH – I must suggest you avoid carbohydrates for two hours after the session (as soon as you take carbs into your body, the HGH tap turns off). Secondly, HIIT workouts incorporate both; intense and moderate exercise within one short training session. Whilst it may be daunting initially, you only need to do a small amount to make a big difference. Research suggests that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can prevent 24 chronic diseases. There is a wonderful range of HIIT workouts on youtube, appropriate for all levels, so I highly recommend trying some out! 

Is sexercise an Anti-Ageing Strategy?

Yes, yes, yes! Evidence suggests that we can increase our life expectancy through more sex. Researchers have also theorised that sex can boost HGH levels in women. 

On a more spiritual level, It is well known in anti-ageing research circles that good relationships and a positive outlook correlate to longer life expectancies. Consultant neuropsychologist, Dr David Weeks, has dedicated a 10-year study to the link between our sex lives and looking younger. Dr Weeks’ study also concluded that those who look younger possess more confidence and a higher level of intellectual activity. The study also concluded that genetic factors were only 25% responsible for youthful looks, while behavioural factors amounted to 75% of the cause. One of the behavioural factors accounted for was sex as part of a long-term relationship.

I hope that you have found this blog post to be informative and that you can find the form of exercise that suits your lifestyle and brings you joy. Whatever variation you choose, get moving! Even those who exercise religiously can lose the benefits of their hard work if they sit for long periods.

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