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Instant gratification – Jayney’s top quick ‘n’ easy anti-ageing tips!

As you’ll know, I tend to talk a lot about internal strategies for biological age reversal – such as meditation, nutrition, herbs, complementary medical/natural therapy treatments and more.  Today I wanted to share my really quick ‘n’ easy beauty hacks which will help you actually look younger – fairly instantly! 

Yes, of course we all need to do the ‘lifestyle medicine’ approaches that I always advocate – such as eating healthily, doing exercise (including your all important resistance training), and getting your mind-set right – so that you’ll be more resilient to stress and life will just actually ‘be’ a lot easier and will run far more smoothly.  But – there’s nothing wrong with a little ‘instant gratification’ – it’s fun – and as you know, I’m such a geek about all this anti-ageing stuff, that I have discovered that there is actual research which proves that if we can do something to make ourselves look better on the outside – such as a beauty treatment, or a new hair cut – we will set in motion a whole slew of healthy hormonal signals which help rewind our body clock! This is a total win-win!  I hope you enjoy this and let me know how you get on.


Sleep on your back – to beat wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles are those lines that form when your face is compressed against a pillow, night after night.  They develop in predictable locations based on fixed anchor points that attach your skin to bone. Sleep on your back to prevent their formation and this will also give you clearer, firmer skin and better back alignment.

Get rid of your baggage!

Banish eye bags by cutting down on salt, increasing water intake and investigate whether certain foods—including wheat, dairy and alcohol—may be causing inflammation.  I know that if I eat wheat, I get incredibly puffy around the eyes and many of my patients tell me the same thing.

Puff up

Use a hyaluronic acid cream on your face – as it will puff up your skin to make lines much less obvious.  Note that HA is NOT a moisturiser or a sunscreen – so you will need these too.  


Learn how to use highlighter – properly – as a sexy sheen can make skin look healthily taut. I have found some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

Prime time

To even out skin texture, always start with a primer. I get quite oily – especially in my T-Zone and particularly in summer – so I find at a good primer helps makeup stay put on my skin.  This is really handy if I have to do photo shoots – or if I just don’t want to look a bit greasy (never good!) in meetings.

Get your colour right

If you have sun spots – these can really cause confusion – if you want to use a base, tinted moisturiser – or other coloured skin formula, look for a shade in between the spots and the rest of your skin.  And, even if you’re sun spot-free, use warmer tones as these can make you look younger. Lastly, don’t use powder; it will amplify fine lines. If you’re very oily, just powder your T-zone.

Eyes and Brows

Eyes wide open

I was taught this neat trick by my friend Ariane Poole, make-up artist to the stars! If you keep your eye open when you apply your shadow, you can go higher in the eye crease with your contouring colour and this has the effect of opening and lifting your eyes – instant youth!

Lose 10 years with great brows

Filling in your brows wipes 10 years off your face.  If you aren’t sure which brow shape will best lift your face, get a one-to-one lesson with a proper brow artist.  I did this and can’t believe the incredible difference it has made.

Lash loveliness

I take care of my lashes, so they don’t get brittle and dry—and eventually fall out. I dab a little bit extra night cream onto the tips of my lashes with my fingers so they stay moisturized and healthy.

Lip tricks and pretty teeth

Optical illusion for a sexy pout

Full disclosure: I was taught this valuable and little known optical trick by world famous drag queen “Miss Ruby Venezuela” – who, in my humble opinion is one of the greatest makeup experts to walk the earth!  So . . .  those of us with smaller or more mature lips should avoid dark hues – especially the new matte trend – instead, go for softer tones and apply a highlighter in the middle of the lower lip and two smaller highlights near the top of your upper lip under your cupid’s bow. Next, use a very blended highlighter above your cupid’s bow – for a youthful lift and ultra-kissable lushness. 

Instant natural tooth whitener

I snack on anything with malic acid—like strawberries, apples, and grapes—which act as a natural tooth cleanser and safely breaks down stains.


Ditch the cotton

Don’t use a cotton towel to dry your hair because cotton fibres and loops get caught on your hair, ripping open the cuticles and exacerbating frizz. I use a microfiber fabric instead, which provides a smooth surface to absorb water quickly. 

Coconut oil

You knew coconut oil had to make an appearance in this article somewhere didn’t you!  Well: apply it to dry hair from your roots to tips, and let it sit for 30 minutes minimum (or overnight as I do – but put a towel on your pillow).  Then, before rinsing, lather up your shampoo as normal – and add a small amount of water. This makes your shampoo extra-foamy and breaks down the oil without stripping the moisturising treatment from your hair.

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Bonnie Perry
Bonnie Perry
1 year ago

Thanks Jayney, fighting breast cancer IV but still trying to keep up standards and looks.

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