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RECIPE: Avocado pesto

This is another very fast and extremely easy SOS-Free plant-based whole food, cruelty-free recipe.  ‘SOS-Free’ means that it is free of added salt, oil and sugar – thus making it much healthier than other options that use refined ingredients. This is my ‘go to’ recipe for guests that enjoy tasty, simple food – or for when I fancy some healthy comfort food after working long hours – as it all comes together in a matter of minutes. 

Note – this is one of my ‘hippy cooking’ recipes – in that you basically chuck the ingredients in until ‘it tastes good – man’.  You don’t have to be absolutely precise with the measurements – so let your freak flag fly, and do your thing, baby.


  •  cup Cashews soaked overnight – or for at least three hours
  •  Avocado
  •  bunch Basil
  •  tbsp Nutritional Yeast
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • cracked black pepper to taste

Instructions for pesto pasta

  1. Cook pasta according to directions on the package.  Note: If you want a very low carb version of this dish, consider using courgette (zucchini) noodles – buy them or use a spiralizer.  You can also use konjac noodles – you can get these in most stores.  Although they are made from a type of seaweed, don’t let that put you off, they really are quite ‘pasta-like’ and provide little to no carbohydrate.
  2. Blend all ingredients for the pesto in a blender and season with to your desired taste. 
  3. If using cooked pasta, when it is al dente, combine it with the sauce. If using Garnish with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and dairy-free parmesan. 
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Angela Fischetti
24 days ago

Great recipe, Jayney. Simple, delicious and nutritious! Thank you! <3

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